Margaret Lyons
August 12, 2010 AT 05:48 PM EDT

The latest data-dive on OK Cupid says the nicer your photo on their dating site, the more likely you are to be deemed “attractive.” Well, knock me over with a feather (and then take a photo, and then let’s go on a date)! But the more interesting finding? iPhone users have more sex than other smartphone users. Think different, kids.

According to the data (which was culled from about 10,000 users), male iPhone owners average about two more sexual partners by age 30 than BlackBerry users and about four more than Android users. Female iPhone owners average four and six more, respectively, and average 12 partners, the highest of any of the demos in the study. According to Kinsey institute, American women ages 30-44 report and average of 4 sexual partners, so… high fives, smartphone-usin’ ladies!

What explains this? Other than the wild orgy locator app that comes built into every iPhone? Could it be that we female iPhone users are just that irresistible? Give me your crankpot theories, PopWatchers.

And place your bets now: What show will be the first to reference this? SVU? Big Bang Theory? 30 Rock?

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