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Lunchtime Poll: Is Kim Kardashian more hairless than a hairless cat?

Hair sucks. It falls out. It turns gray. It starred in Hair, which is the worst hippie show ever (hey, Godspell’s bad, but don’t be hating on Hippie Christ!) Kim Kardashian feels your pain. She’s taking a stand. In the upcoming issue of Allure, the reality star says, “My entire body is hairless.” (She probably said that while writhing naked in an abstract gray universe.)

So, PopWatchers, is Queen Kardash going all Alien 3 on us? Or is this all a big lie? Does Kim Kardashian pass the Mr. Bigglesworth test?

[polldaddy poll=3634095]

Originally posted August 17 2010 — 2:45 PM EDT

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