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Lottery Ticket

Bow Wow has to keep his fortune safe

(David Lee)

STARRING Bow Wow, Ice Cube
WRITTEN BY Abdul Williams

In the Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods where Erik White grew up, everybody knew everybody else’s business. ”You’d have to sneak a new television in late at night if you wanted to get it into your apartment without everyone knowing,” says the director, who drew on his experiences when penning his first feature, the story of a young man (Bow Wow) in Atlanta’s housing projects who tries to keep his winning lottery ticket a secret over a long Fourth of July weekend. Though White based the main character on himself, Bow Wow also felt a connection. ”Basically my story goes right along with his — a young kid going from nothing to something,” says the rapper-actor, 23. ”And once you get to a certain pedestal, you also have all those people who try to come to you for favors. So sometimes it’s hard to be lucky.”