Margaret Lyons
August 25, 2010 AT 08:08 PM EDT

Image Credit: Michael Yarish/FoxI’m gazing into my pop crystal ball, PW nation, and here’s what I see: A house! With a picket fence! And a barn! Just kidding. I see Mr. Schue singing Cee-Lo’s ““F— You” on Glee this season. It’s a total guess, based not in reason so much as hope, but seriously, can’t you hear Mr. Schue wailing “I pity the fo-oool”? I can. In my dreams.

And what of its salty language? Well, the “Forget You” radio version is nigh, but the real solution would be to name a character Gluck, Truck, Duck, Chuck — you catch my drift. Say, for example, John Stamos’ dentist character, who comes between Will and Emma: If he was named, oh, Buck, Will could sing, “Although there’s pain in my chest / I still wish you the best / with a Buck You, and a Buck Her too.” I think it works. (Note: I’m skipping Puck, because no matter what fan-fiction is out there, I just can’t see him and Emma together, ever, under any circumstances.)

Put on your psychic-caps, PopWatchers, and imagineer a better jam for Glee. What current jams do you think will make the new season?

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