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'Glee': New promo photos of the cast!


glee-slushiesImage Credit: Chris Cuffaro/Miranda Penn Turin/FoxThe grand — and very welcome! — Glee PR machine has begun in earnest! As evidenced by these new promotional photos of the cast, both portrait-style and with Slushee, which Fox just recently released. And my-oh-my: How glossy and bronzed (except for the pale-ish Chris Colfer) does everyone look! Delightful. If these were treats sitting on a tray, I’d eat them all up. But I guess I’ll have to wait until the show premieres on Sept. 21 to get my fix. Until then, then, I’m just going to stare at these photos like a dreamy schoolgirl.

Loving the photos? Excited for the new season?

glee-lea-micheleImage Credit: Miranda Penn Turin/Fox

glee-jane-lynchImage Credit: Miranda Penn Turin/Fox

glee-chris-colferImage Credit: Miranda Penn Turin/Fox