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August 27, 2010 AT 02:12 PM EDT

Image Credit: Lisette M. Azar/CBSI’M EXHAUSTED! What a night. Here’s a quick recap for anyone who missed day 55 inside the Big Brother house. We sprung the news about last night’s double eviction on the Houseguests at the top of the show — I do love the excitement and chaotic nature of the double evictions. The Brigade implodes as Matt becomes the first casualty of this season’s most dominant alliance and leaves the house by a vote of 4-0. The remaining Houseguests compete in a HOH competition in which Hayden narrowly edges out Brendon; Hayden places Brendon and Ragan on the block; Ragan captures the POV and removes himself from the block; Hayden places Britney beside Brendon on the block; Brendon is sent packing by a vote of 3-0.

*I need to pause for one second before I proceed in order to comment on Enzo’s performance in the competitions this evening. It’s almost comical how poorly he’s competing each week. Either he’s throwing the competitions (which I doubt) or he’s simply one of the most uncoordinated competitors we’ve ever had on the show. Although, having said that, the “Meow Meow” has positioned himself well within the house to make a run at the $500,000. He’s a likable guy, who seems to be a straight shooter — a characteristic that typically proves useful come finale night.

Back to the action — it’s Matt and Brendon making their way to the jury house this week. I can’t say that I’m surprised by either selection. We knew the writing was on the wall for Matt this week, despite several last ditch attempts to sway the house towards Ragan. I spoke with Matt after tonight’s show and he actually told me that turning his back on Ragan (if only for strategy) was his sole regret from his time inside the house.

With Matt’s departure, it’s easy to see how the three remaining members of the Brigade (Enzo, Lane and Hayden) could maintain a steady control over the house if they can keep winning. But one can only wonder which one of them will be first to flinch and set off on their own to form a new alliance outside of the Brigade. It’s clear that Lane and Britney have formed a bond over the last couple of weeks, but where does Ragan fit into the equation?

Tell me who you think is in jeopardy this week…is Ragan the odd man out, or will he be just the swing vote someone needs in order to pull a major power shift inside the house?


Way to go Britney! I know I keep saying it, but I’m shocked at her maturation as a player inside this game…she’s not just floating…she’s established herself as a power player. And, oh yeah, she’s the last remaining female. This could be a huge week for Britney depending on how the HOH shakes out and whether or not the Brigade remains three strong or continues to splinter.

In my opinion, I believe Britney and Lane are playing the best games inside the house. Britney is a feisty survivor who is using her sweet, southern charm to stay alive while Lane is playing the most quiet game ever for a strong, athletic competitor. Either one of them could be tough to beat in the end.

For all future Big Brother contestants – ease up on the “shout outs.” I know everyone misses their friends and families, but it seems that this cast in particular has to say hello to their mom or girlfriend each time before pleading their case to the house as to why they should not be evicted. Although, I did like Enzo’s anniversary wishes to his wife…nice touch “Meow Meow.”

Despite tonight’s eviction, I commend Brendon for his staying power. I can’t remember a Houseguest being this targeted since day 1 and being able to muster up just enough each week to survive. And he actually wears the bald head look well.

We might establish a new record for PDA inside the jury house this week with the impending “Brenchel” reunion.


Britney regarding her allies: “I like what I see from my army.”

Lane regarding hecklers: “I wish we had hecklers. We did have them — Rachel and Brendon.”

Brendon on life inside the house: “It’s a really nice version of prison.”


“Big Brother Zoo” – Power of Veto Competition:

There were 11 animals in the Big Brother Zoo. 3 penguins, 1 camel, 1 ape, 1 snake, 1 turtle, 1 lion, 1 elephant, 1 alligator and 1 rubber duck. There were 16 total signs including the Houseguest’s name placards which were visible in the Big Brother Zoo. Some of the funny signs included CAUTION: PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE HUMANS. 48 bars were used in each of the Big Brother cages.

That’s all for this week. Who are you rooting for to win this week’s HOH? Will the remaining Brigade members maintain a united front till the end or was Matt’s departure just the beginning of the destruction? Sound off below.

Until next week…

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