Dalton Ross
August 29, 2010 AT 08:58 AM EDT


Nothing is going to come between Rachel and her man…except me! I intercepted recently evicted Big Brother houseguest Brendon Villegas on his way to the jury house to be reunited with his girlfriend and asked him all about his controversial showmance with the chemist/VIP Cocktail Waitress. This just in: He’s head over heels in love with her! Still, would Brendon have been better off in the game playing with his head instead of his heart? Did Rachel’s tempter tantrums sabotage any chance he had to win? And what makes him think that their reality-born relationship can succeed where so many others have failed? Brendon answers these questions and much more in our exclusive video interview below. And when you’re done watching that, don’t forget to check out my one-on-one video chat with Matt, where the self-proclaimed “diabolical super genius” defends giving his wife a fake illness and tries to out-zing the Zingbot. (Impossible!) Also, for more reality TV absurdity, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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