Michael Ausiello
August 31, 2010 AT 04:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABCWarning: I’m about to reveal a major twist in Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sept. 23 season premiere involving Cristina and Owen, so you best hit the nearest exit if you don’t want it spoiled. Everyone else, onward and downward…

As I teased earlier this month…they’re getting hitched! And I repeat: Star-crossed lovers Cristina and Owen are getting married—and series creator Shonda Rhimes is here to explain why. (BTW, for those keeping track at home, this wedding is not this wedding.)

“The theme of this season is rebirth,” declares the Grey’s boss lady. “Everybody is sort of coming out of this very dark place [following last season’s massacre]. And there was something really hopeful and beautiful about Cristina and Owen getting married.”

At the same time, Rhimes says she wanted something to symbolize that the show was undergoing a major shift in season 7. Basically, she needed a game changer. “We talked about jumping ahead in time, we talked about jumping ahead a year,” she says. “And when it came down to it, the one thing that signals the biggest change in the world is Cristina wanting to be a bride. There can be nothing more different for Cristina than Cristina wanting to be a bride.”

With the will-they-or-won’t-they tension gone, is Rhimes at all worried “Crowen” will succumb to the dreaded B-word? “It’s really hard for Cristina and Owen to be boring,” Rhimes argues. “If Mer and Der are a lighter couple, Cristina and Owen are so fraught with their darkness and their twistiness that I can’t imagine them getting boring ever.”

Thoughts? Excited to see Cristina get her happy ending (at least for the moment)? Sound off below!

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