Darren Franich
August 31, 2010 AT 04:55 PM EDT

Politics have always been another form of entertainment, and all entertainment inevitably becomes a reality show. If you think about it very stupidly, the founding of America was basically just a season of Survivor where the contestants — or “the Founding Fathers” — rebelled against Jeff Probst — or “The British Empire.” Anyone who doubts this need only examine the incredible new cast of Dancing With the Stars. Most noteworthy of all is the presence of Bristol Palin, an individual who defines an entirely new kind of celebrity. She’s a teen mother willing to use herself as a bad example, even as she lives the mock-glamorous reality show life.

This isn’t the first time DWtS has flirted with politics — Tom DeLay resigned from the show in season 9, which was arguably less embarrassing than the time he resigned from Congress — but this is a giant step forward into semi-topicality. All of which has me wondering: how long until the Presidential campaign is replaced by a special D.C.-themed season of Dancing With the Stars?

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