Missy Schwartz
September 01, 2010 AT 09:00 PM EDT

Oh boy. Well, I should start by saying that I’m a fan of neither musical theater nor 9/11-themed movies. And since Clear Blue Tuesday seems to combine both things into one heartfelt package, I’m clearly not the target audience for this low-budget indie musical that tracks 11 New Yorkers over the course of seven years. It starts on Sept. 11, 2001. Hence the title. Its stars a handful of not-so-famous singer-songwriter-actors, plus James Naughton as “Executive.”

Some people might question Tuesday‘s motives: Is it capitalizing on a tragedy? That’s the question that frequently pops up with fictional projects inspired by 9/11. But it’s not a concern for me. I’m more put off by what looks, frankly, like unadulterated schmaltz and correspondingly bad music. Of course, I’m basing this solely on the less-than-two-minute trailer (embedded below) because I haven’t seen the movie. But the New York Times has, and according to them, there is a “hair-metal piece about playing the drums” called — oh, glory — “Spank It.” (Could it be sung by Syd, a.k.a Brother Love, the guy with a prodigious white-boy ‘fro who looks like a cross between Slash and Neal Schon from Journey, circa 1970s? One can only hope.) Another number, “Reckless,” is performed by a character who imagines “marrying an alien in space in a scene replete with twinkling stars and floating planets.” Apparently, the film’s director, Elizabeth Lucas, has “very little interest … in naturalism. I find naturalism a little pedestrian.” Uh…okay.

Watch the trailer and decide for yourself. Is this movie (opening in limited release on Friday) one you’ll be adding to your to-see list? Does it look like fun kitsch with a heart of gold or overly earnest indie dreck?

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