Emily Exton
September 01, 2010 AT 02:00 PM EDT

You know that scene in a movie where everyone breaks out into a perfectly choreographed dance routine at a moment’s notice? (Ahem, the She’s All ThatFunk Soul Brother” prom scene, anyone? Why would anyone do that dance? More importantly, why was that song ever popular?) Now you can relive each one of those magical, yet confusing, moments thanks to this video, “Dancing at the Movies,” which includes some of the best cinematic dance moments of all time, cut to the soundtrack of Footloose. Go ahead and check out the clip below, and try not to cut loose.

Did you catch all of those movies? Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, and even West Side Story are pretty much the Holy Trinity when it comes to dance on camera from the last 60 years, but it’s nice to see more recent films like Step Up and my guilty pleasure, Honey (yes, I saw it) included. Are there any glaring omissions? I’d add in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cheerful “You Make My Dreams” number from (500) Days of Summer or last year’s “Jai Ho” from Best Picture winner Slumdog Millionaire. Does a dance sequence simply make every movie better, PopWatchers?

I definitely strutted to the music of Singin’ in the Rain in my backyard, equipped with my own umbrella — usually in the summertime, sans rain. Who cares? It’s my life and Gene Kelly’s just living in it. If I had even the smallest bit of rhythm, I’d bust out Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas’ “Do It” routine from Save the Last Dance (don’t think I haven’t tried). And EW’s Kate Ward once even dedicated 6 straight hours to mastering the final “Canned Heat” dance from Center Stage.

What about you? What are your favorite movie dance sequences? And which are you proud to say you can still break out at parties? [Deadspin, via Kottke, via Skeets]

Image Credit: Everett Collection

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