Machete |



A Mexploitation revenge film

(Rico Torres)

STARRING Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro
WRITTEN BY Robert Rodriguez, Álvaro Rodríguez
DIRECTED BY Robert Rodriguez

Normally, you cut a trailer after you’ve made the movie, but Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) dances to a different tambora. Machete was born as one of the fake trailers in 2007’s Grindhouse, Rodriguez’ exploitation collaboration with Quentin Tarantino. ”We figured [the trailer] was as far as it would go, but people reacted so strongly to it,” says Rodriguez. Now, with codirector Ethan Maniquis, he’s shot a feature-length Mexploitation flick about a lethally resourceful ex-Federale (Rodriguez regular Danny Trejo) plotting revenge on the U.S. businessman (Jeff Fahey) and politician (Robert De Niro) who double-crossed him. Expect carnage, Lindsay Lohan in a nun’s habit, and, according to Rodriguez, sequels: ”If this thing makes five bucks, we’ll make another one!”