Emily Exton
September 02, 2010 AT 02:54 PM EDT

Image Credit: Trae Patton/NBCLast week, four out five acts that advanced to the Top 10 were vocalists. Last night, America’s Got Talent proved that it’s not just a holding pen for budding singers during American Idol‘s off season. Five of the more interesting, unusual acts advanced last night, including magician Michael Grasso, cyclist Jeremy Vanschoonhoven (who managed to hit an impressive landing on Tuesday after the cameras caught his nasty fall during rehearsal), Fighting Gravity, Studio One Young Beast Society, and yes, opera singer, Jackie Evancho.

They will join Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Taylor Matthews, Anna & Patryk, and Christina & Ali in the Top 10, and all acts will be performing live on Tuesday. So much for my prediction (well, more of a request, really) for a Jackie Evancho/Alice Tan Ridley final. Was this decision ageism? (Alice told us herself, she only has “a few years left.” Was she expecting sympathy votes?) Singer fatigue? Or, if you take away the boom of her voice and her humble back story, is ATR actually not that great of a vocalist?

I’m rooting for Fighting Gravity to go all the way; they’re modern and exciting. After Tuesday night’s performance (spray paint, FTW!) they proved they can add new tricks and elements to their routines to keep things fresh enough for an hour-long show. I would like to see them switch up their tempo with faster songs, which could also prove how good they really are. Yes, I’m watching from a TV, so I may not be catching some of their flaws, but overall I still think they’re just plain cool.

Did you like how Nick and judges tricked us to think we would have to decide between Fighting Gravity and Jeremy Vanschoonhoven? If it did come down to that decision, who would you pick? Who are you sad to see go home and who are you rooting for to win it all?

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