Mandi Bierly
September 02, 2010 AT 02:00 PM EDT

After receiving a press release telling me to “Get Sookie’s Style!” at the HBO Shop, I realized two things: 1) the Merlotte’s T-shirt/apron set would make Halloween easy and 2) even though I chuckle at the “Fangbanger” tank, the “Fangtasia life begins at night” T-shirt, and the confirmation that Joe Manganiello has truly arrived (pictured)*, the only True Blood top I would probably don in public is the Bon Temps Football tee. I like subtle, and people who don’t know the show will think it’s just an old T-shirt from high school. For the ones who do, it’s a double-take hidden gem.

I always get excited when I see cool merchandising, and yet, I never pull the trigger to actually purchase it: Why do I not own the Flipadelphia and Electric Dream Machine It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia T-shirts? While I ponder that (and still don’t buy them), tell us which TV show-branded apparel you’ve purchased and wear you’ve worn it.

*This would’ve been acceptable to sleep in had it been on a white tank, which is what Alcide wears to bed (at least when Sookie’s around).

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