Sandra Gonzalez
September 02, 2010 AT 10:33 PM EDT

Image Credit: Paul Smith/Featureflash/Retna LtdNot since “the Rachel” has a haircut gotten as much attention as Justin Bieber’s shaggy ‘do, according to non-scientific data and opinion polls that exist only in my mind. In all seriousness, though, it’s hard to ignore all this talk about the cut’s poopularity (that was a typo, but I’m leaving it). And yesterday, a highly entertaining photo of NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan’s failed attempt to get the Bieber haircut made me ponder all the various hairstyles over the years that have had some degree of cultural impact — assuming we agree that cultural impact means we went to the salon with a picture in-hand, asked for it by name, and left the building wanting to cry.

I remember my most tragic celeb-inspired hair blunder was sometime around 2003, shortly after Mandy Moore starting rocking her short, dark brown style. Tip: Never walk into a beauty shop and tell the lady “I want this except make it a little longer.” THEY’LL NEVER GO “A LITTLE LONGER.” My friends still call the result my “little boy haircut.” Luckily, the driver’s license photo I was forced to take just days after getting the horrifying haircut has long been chopped in pieces and sent to hell, where it will become bffs with all pictures of the bowl cut my mom gave me when I was 4. These days, I stick to trying to copy every hair style I see on Pretty Little Liars.

Confession time, PopWatchers. Which celebrity haircuts have you attempted to emulate with tragic results? And if you had good results, keep them to yourself, you lucky worm. This is a place of mourning.

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