Lynette Rice
September 03, 2010 AT 06:23 AM EDT

Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSMany apologies for the late posting of this very important recap: That fake Chargers-49ers game kept me up well past my bedtime, when I’m normally dreaming about half dodos like Lame, not writing about them! I do abhor these tape delays on the west coast.

I sure don’t get that Matt. First, he ruins his game by staying painfully loyal to the Brigade, and then he decides to grow a conscience in front of two of the most self-absorbed players in the history of Big Brother! I wasn’t really buying Rachel’s holier-than-thou act when Matt admitted that he lied about his “sick wife” in the jury house, but I don’t think think he deserved comments like “you’re the most horrible person I’ve ever met” and “you’re going to hell” simply for pulling a Johnny Fairplay. The prize is $500,000, people! What wouldn’t you do to win it?  Cut the tool some slack, already. NOW, GET READY FOR A SPOILER ON THE JUMP!

I should come clean on Ragan: I’ve been a fan of the bow tie-wearing smarty pants pretty much since day one and was hoping he’d make it to the final three. Dang that he didn’t, but it sure was cute when he exclaimed “I get to meet Julie Chen!” when he was evicted on a 2-0 vote. (Trust me, buddy; it’s quite a thrill to be in the presence of the glittered one). His goodbye speech was charming (he dedicated it to his late dad!) and he even seemed to tolerate Haydum’s patronizing speech about being a role model to gays. Too bad Ragan’s good sense flew out the window as soon as he snuggled up to Matt in the house: Though he suspected the existence of the Brigade early on and could have fought harder to expose the secret alliance, he sealed his fate by making the boneheaded decision to protect Matt rather than look out for himself. With Matt finally gone, Ragan made a sound argument to Lame to keep him and Britney in the house, but it was too little, too late: Lame was staying true to Haydum and Enzo, no matter how hard the latter shoved Ragan during that ridiculous veto competition. Ooh, that last round was nasty!

It’s regrettable that Ragan still considers Matt to be an “excellent human being;” I never heard anything coming out of Matt’s mouth that was worthy enough to earn such a lofty distinction, and I’m sure his little revelation about his wife won’t improve his status once Ragan enters the jury house. But oh, what a fun reunion it will be, if only because we’ll be treated to another one-sided takedown of Rachel by Ragan. For her sake, I hope she keeps her idiotic comments to herself.

Unfortunately, last night’s episode ended with a Christmas tree decorating challenge (what the hell?) that wasn’t resolved by 11:05 p.m. PT. I’m sure if I go to the trusty Jokers Updates, I can find out the winner, but I’ll leave that up to you guys to post (I encourage spoilers below. Just beware of testy, fellow BB fans!) So it’s time to open the floor to you: Should Lane have kept Ragan over Haydum? Are you beginning to think this is Enzo’s game to lose? How funny did Ragan look while eating his food with ladle? And what was Enzo making with foil at the top of the episode?

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