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Fall videogame preview: 24 we're dying to play

Want to be an assassin, a guitar god, or even a cute ball of yarn? Us too! We rank the drool-worthy games we can't wait to get our hands on

Want to be an assassin, a guitar god, or even a cute ball of yarn? Us too! We rank the games we can’t wait to get our hands on, starting with the most drool-worthy.

1. Disney Epic Mickey
(Wii) Can a Mickey Mouse videogame possibly be cool? Believe it. Buzz is building for this clever adventure from game-designer whiz Warren Spector (Deus Ex) that has Mickey attempting to save a world populated by forgotten Disney characters. (December)

2. Little Big Planet 2
(PS3) Sony’s charming burlap heroes are back in the sequel to their DIY masterpiece, now with all kinds of new customizable gameplay. (11/16)

3. Civilization V
(PC) The addictive build-your-own-nation franchise gets a graphical face-lift and some smart tweaks to its warfare system that value strategy over brute force. And just like that, whole weekends disappear. (9/21)

4. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
(PS3, Xbox 360) Picking up the story from last year’s blockbuster Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood finds the previous game’s master assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, forming his own fraternity of killers in Renaissance-era Rome. Plus, you can now stalk and execute your friends in a new multiplayer mode. (11/16)

5. Halo: Reach
(Xbox 360) This prequel to the massive first-person-shooter franchise takes place shortly before the events of the first Halo. With new special abilities like a distraction hologram and jet packs to help in your fight against the Covenant, it should be harder to shake than a sticky grenade. (9/14)

6. Gran Turismo 5
(PS3) It’s been a five-year wait, but this latest installment of the king of racing-simulation games seems to have the goods: the series’ first online mode, compatibility with 3-D TVs, and one wicked racetrack creator. (11/2)

7. Kirby’s Epic Yarn
(Wii) The titular bouncing pink ball makes his Wii debut transformed into a tangle of colorful string and transported into an arts-and-craftsy universe of fleecelike fabric and shiny beads. Is it possible for a game to overload on adorableness? (10/17)

8. Super Scribblenauts
(DS) This sequel to Scribblenauts (last year’s hit side-scrolling puzzler) features 10,000 adjectives, allowing gamers to summon practically anything simply by typing out various words. (10/12)

9. Fallout: New Vegas
(PS3, Xbox 360, PC) Drive carefully and come back soon to the expansive and detailed world of Fallout, this time set in a postapocalyptic version of Las Vegas. Can we expect a radioactive Wayne Newton? (10/19)