Tanner Stransky
September 03, 2010 AT 01:00 PM EDT

You can now safely delete Sunday’s Emmy telecast from your DVR: Host Jimmy Fallon’s rather spectacular opener to the show, which featured stars across the television universe singing a Glee-ful version of “Born to Run,” has finally hit the internets — officially. Why’d it take so long to get the NBC-approved goods? There was a bit of a holdup with rights over using the Bruce Springsteen staple — apparently, NBC and the TV Academy didn’t square away the deal to use the song on the web until yesterday afternoon. (You couldn’t find it officially online before then, but, of course, the bit was pirated everywhere.) Fallon was none too happy about all his efforts being absent from the network’s website: “That could have been worth 500,000 hits on NBC.com,” the Late Night host told Variety on Tuesday. But alas! No more grumbling because now you can enjoy a crispy-clear version on NBC.com. Check it out here:

Kind of the perfect way to head into the Labor Day weekend, no? “Born to Run”…out of your office early this afternoon? I sure hope so. Jimmy would want you to!

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