Keith Staskiewicz
September 05, 2010 AT 06:42 PM EDT

Image Credit: Ken Murray/NY Daily News via Getty ImagesUsually when you curse out your clients, depart your place of employment via the emergency exit, and are subsequently arrested, it’s a foregone conclusion that you won’t be coming back to work on Monday. However, it took until last week for JetBlue and Howard Beale-esque flight attendant Steven Slater to officially cut ties.

According to CNN, Slater was let go from the airline and is thus currently unemployed. (UPDATE: For the record, Slater’s publicist tells EW that Slater resigned from his post: “Right now the focus is on getting through the criminal issues. He has officially resigned his job.”) so we ask: Quo vadis, angry dude? There is talk of him hosting a reality show, but I’m not quite sure his zeitgeist-y 15 minutes will last long enough, so he might end up having to take up another working-stiff gig. If he doesn’t mind staying within the flying industry, let me suggest that the airlines might be smart to hire Slater as a “celebrity handler.” That is, whenever someone like Naomi Campbell throws yet another on-board tantrum, there’ll be someone there to yell back at them and/or throw a chicken entree in their lap.

Alternately, he could try to parlay his recognizability into a career in commercials. “To the salesman who won’t offer me 0 percent down payment on this couch: f— you,” he says before grabbing two beers and sliding down to the showroom of Big Bob’s Discount Furniture on Route 80. I’d buy it. What do you think PopWatchers? What should Slater do now?

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