Mandi Bierly
September 07, 2010 AT 04:44 PM EDT

Image Credit: Jessica MiglioEver since I read that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star (and 2010 EWwy winner!) Charlie Day was a scene-stealer in Going the Distance months before its release, I’ve been waiting for the masses to discover what Sunny fans already know: He’s hilarious. Sadly, I picked the wrong time to see the movie — Saturday, in State College, Penn., when it became clear that Penn State had a victory against Youngstown State firmly in hand — and there were only five people in my matinee showing. Therefore, the only reaction I could truly gauge was that of my 63-year-old mother. I found myself repeatedly turning my head to see if she, someone who’s never seen Sunny, was enjoying him as much as I, someone who smiled the second she saw him onscreen, was. Her review: “The scene-stealer, by far. I thought he was really hysterical, especially in the toilet scene.* He’s very subtle and very sincere. He had no shame at all.”

If you saw Going the Distance, was your crowd loving Charlie Day? (He’s currently filming Horrible Bosses with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman; the new season of Sunny starts Sept. 16 on FX.) Another question: Was the film more subversive than you expected from the previews? Drew Barrymore’s character telling her friend to go enjoy being in The Accused when she insisted upon mingling at a frat boy-filled bar was my first tip that the trailers might have focused too much on the rom and not enough on the com.

* I could not be more proud of my mother.

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