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Ke$ha before the $: See the high school footage unearthed on YouTube


early-keshaSo, this one time, at band camp, Ke$ha was still just young Kesha Sebert—a Tennessee teen who brushed her teeth with ordinary non-alcoholic toothpaste and needed no shift key to type her name.

Clearly, though, she was already rehearsing for a life of destroyed denim and general Tik-Tokery way back in 2001 as a freshman at Franklin High School Band Camp. Watch it after the jump:

Sexyface finger-guns and awkward hip thrusts! Ah, YouTube, you are a cruel mistress. But I’m sure the guy next to her in the tie-dye and felt jester hat is super-stoked to have this moment preserved for posterity.

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Originally posted September 7 2010 — 1:00 PM EDT

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