Sandra Gonzalez
September 08, 2010 AT 06:55 PM EDT

Image Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosUnlike other franchises that have gone searching for a fresh start, Spy Kids might be on to something.

If Joel McHale’s reported negotiations go through, he will be starring in Spy Kids 4: Armageddon as “a spy-hunting reporter” and dad who is in wedded bliss with his children’s stepmom, Jessica Alba. (Also known as the man every man wants to be.) The movie is set to be released Aug. 19, 2011.

I generally do not care for reboots — thanks for the complex Home Alone 3 — but this doesn’t bother me for three reasons:

  1. I’ve only seen snippets of the Spy Kids installments, starring Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino as spy parentals, but what I saw was fun. Bringing McHale and Alba into the mix might be the shot of Patron the franchise needs. Plus, who can argue with a kid-friendly movie that mom and dad might enjoy that doesn’t star Dwayne Johnson?
  2. Let us not forget McHale is a dad in real life. Weird, huh? But I’m interested to see that side of him. It’s a change of pace. I’m guessing spy dad won’t have too much in common with Jeff Winger.
  3. On the “dad” note, in my dream world, I see McHale eventually taking on the role as patriarch in a National Lampoon’s-style family comedy (with a cameo from his Community co-star and Clark Griswold himself Chevy Chase, of course!). This movie would be a great warm-up for that.

That said, I’ll open this up to the floor: Are you happy to see Joel McHale take on the Spy Kids franchise? And are you more likely to buy a ticket if we’re promised a macho, muscle-baring scene similar to the one we saw in “Modern Warfare”?

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