Tanner Stransky
September 09, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSOne of Big Brother 12‘s most fan-beloved players, Britney, bit the dust last night in an episode that saw Hayden, Enzo, and Lane become the season’s Final Three. It was a sad evening, complete with an emotional crying jag from the perky, sound bite-loving blonde, after it was revealed that the three remaining boys had been working together from the beginning in an alliance known as The Brigade and—yup, you guessed it—were going to swiftly evict her. Britney is en route to the Jury House, of course, but before she’s sequestered there, she carved out a few minutes to chat with EW in this exclusive video. Big Brother‘s fourth place finisher tells us who she thinks will win (you have to watch to find out who!), whether her and Lane’s relationship was more than just platonic, what she’ll do when she sees her nemesis Rachel in the Jury House, and whether her quippy mouth might one day lead her to a career in comedy. (We fans can hope, right?!?) See Britney in all her evicted glory in the video player after the jump.

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