Josh Rottenberg
September 09, 2010 AT 10:40 PM EDT

Image Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.comWe’ll soon be seeing a lot more of Christina Hendricks — and, even if that prospect doesn’t send your mind straight into the gutter, it’s bound to be a good thing, right? Hot off her recent Emmy nomination, the va-va-voomy Mad Men star has a growing pile of big-screen projects coming down the pike, starting with next month’s Katherine Heigl-Josh Duhamel romantic comedy Life as We Know It — and now Variety reports she’ll be joining Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in a crime thriller called Drive. Hendricks also has two other film dramas in the works: Leonie, with Emily Mortimer, which recently wrapped, and Detachment, in which she’ll star opposite Adrien Brody, James Caan, and Lucy Liu. In a New York Post article earlier this year, Hendricks spoke of her desire to do a big Hollywood action movie, the sort of movie “where I had to learn kung fu for three months” — a comment that prompted a wave of blogosphere fantasies about Hendricks becoming Hollywood’s next gun-toting female action star, like Angelina Jolie, or perhaps even taking on the role of Wonder Woman. Interestingly enough, the director of Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn, stirred up fanboy intrigue earlier this summer when he told an interviewer he desperately wants to make a Wonder Woman movie. Coincidence? Hm.

Hendricks is undeniably great on Mad Men, and her status as a sex symbol is secure. (When you Google her name, the first two search terms that automatically pop up are “measurements” and “cup size.”) But do you think she has what it takes to make it in movies? Are you excited to see Hendricks step outside the world of Mad Men — and perhaps climb inside an invisible jet?

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