Jessica Shaw
September 12, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT


And then there were three. And there was the most boring clip-reel of a recap show I’ve seen in a long time. Over lobster, bubbly, and, as the Meow Meow called it, “see-zuh salad,” the three finalists, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane gave awkward intros to packaged segments on “highlights” of the season. Did I want to see a way-too-long segment on Rachel’s cackle? Not really. Did I need to hear Enzo’s mantra of “best alliance ever” repeated multiple times about his precious Brigade? Definitely not. Was watching Rachel fight with Ragan and Kristen entertaining enough to hold my attention? Not really. I had my finger firmly planted on that fast-forward button throughout the episode. Yes, it was nice to see the Zingbot 3000 again (Zingy, I could never tire of you!). And okay, I was moderately obsessed with Lane’s inability to understand “That’s what she said,” (Love that his reply was all too often “Why would she say that?”) But overall, it was a big hour of snooze. So with no spoilers to spoil for our Left Coast readers, what shall we discuss? Who will take whom to the finale? Is Enzo a lock to win if he’s taken? Could Hayden be more of a Bieber-haired jerk? Did you feel for Lane all over again watching the Brigade heartlessly reveal their alliance to Britney? Do you want Lane to win as much as I do? Would anyone be stupid enough to bring him? Discuss away!

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