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'Dexter': New season 5 photos featuring Julia Stiles. Excited yet?


Julia-Stiles-in-DexterImage Credit: ShowtimeIt’s less than two weeks before the return of Dexter. I’m not sure whether I’m terribly excited or completely terrified, because it won’t be easy for Showtime’s bloody good drama to top its fourth season. But after seeing the first photos of Julia Stiles as [SPOILER ALERT] a “psychologically and physically damaged” woman named Lumen, I’m going to go with excited. [Note: In addition to the new-to-me pic to your left, NY Post has two others.]

And because I minored in overanalyzation in college, I’m filled with questions, thanks to these new sneak peeks (which are presumably from the third or fourth episode, when her character is rumored to first appear). Things to note in this photo: Why are her hands cut up? Where is she fleeing to and what’s she running from? And, most importantly, what secret/evil/sociopathic thoughts are hiding behind her too-innocent facial expression?

My wheels are turning, PopWatchers. For now, theorize with me. Do you think Stiles’ character will be good, bad, or somewhere in between?

New season of Dexter starts Sept. 26.

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