Mandi Bierly
September 14, 2010 AT 05:50 PM EDT

CBS has released a sneak peek at Justin Bieber’s acting debut on the Sept. 23 season 11 premiere of CSI. It’s an interrogation scene opposite Nick (George Eads), who wants Bieber’s character to give up information on his bomb-happy brother. The director uses a fair number of reaction shots, which leads me to believe producers were pleased with Bieber’s chops. While we’re handing out praise: Here’s to the prop department for showing some restraint on that soda can product placement — it could have been turned the other way — and to the costumer for making sure the pink in Bieber’s shirt matched his lips. Knowing the singer gets to shoot a sinister glare at some point in the episode makes me think this is an early scene, a set-up for Bieber’s character to pretend he’s a good boy before proving he’s bad. Let’s hope! Check it out below.

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