Margaret Lyons
September 14, 2010 AT 06:15 PM EDT

There’s a new trailer out for The Social Network, and while it loses some of its gravitas without “Creep” playing, it still looks great. Come for the sillies, stay for the phrase “the Facebook.” It’s like “the Batman.”

This, combined with the glowing early reviews from Toronto, and this profile of Mark Zuckerberg in The New Yorker have me counting down the days until Oct. 1.

Let’s nerd out a little, PopWatchers. Jose Antonio Vargas’ profile includes this paragraph, which discusses a conversation with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin:

I told Sorkin that his TV series [The West Wing] was one of Zuckerberg’s favorites. He paused. “I wish you hadn’t told me that,” he said finally. When I asked Sorkin to guess the episode that Zuckerberg liked best, he said, “The Lemon-Lyman episode” — the one in season three where Josh Lyman, the deputy chief of staff, played by Bradley Whitford, discovers that he has a following on an online message board and unwisely interacts with its members.

(Zuckerberg’s favorite episode is “Two Cathedrals.” Which is, duh, everyone’s favorite episode.)

So…Sorkin thinks Zuckerberg will identify with Josh Lyman. The beer-throwing bit in the clip above screams Josh Lyman to me, which leads me to believe that The Social Network‘s fictionalized Zuckerberg is basically a jerkier, more heartless version of the former deputy White House chief of staff. Best news ever!

I cannot wait for Oct. 1, PopWatchers. What about you? [clip via]

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