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Adam West still fighting crime on Funny or Die

Adam West turns 82 years old on Sunday, but TV’s Batman still keeps a vigilante eye on crime. In a new Funny or Die clip, the actor lends his Shatner-light persona to a new home-security system: eyehole paintings. “Call the number on your screen, and we’ll fill your crawl spaces and ventilation shafts with our Eyehole Security agents,” intones West. Note the fine print: “Minimum order: 25 agents…. Homeowner is liable if agents develop muscular dystrophy, rickets, or inability to blink.”

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Don’t you love how West introduces himself as “Hello, I’m Adam West, from TV’s The Batman.” He pronounces his character, BAT-man, as if he’s related to Phil Spiderman. His hippy-dippy Batman can’t compete with the darker, brooding cinematic portrayals that came later, but doesn’t his voice lull you into a deep trance? They should play his soothing voiceover at the dentist’s office.

Can I have some love for Adam West, who could still Batusi circles around Christian Bale on a bad day?