Emily Exton
September 15, 2010 AT 03:01 PM EDT

To quote America’s Got Talent‘s eloquent host Nick Cannon, “It’s the finals man!” Yes, it’s come to this, PopWatchers. Four acts are left in the running, each hoping for a career on the Vegas strip and beyond. Piers did his best Simon Cowell impression, crushing the dreams of Prince Poppycock (who he claimed he”blew it”) and Fighting Gravity, while praising Jackie Evancho as the greatest thing since DVR. But the Prince didn’t seem discouraged. In a post-show interview with People, he described the dreaded “X” he received from Piers as simply a means to create tension, calling the judge a “big ninny.” Point Poppycock?

Prince Poppycock’s performance was very straightforward, so I have to agree with Piers’ assessment that it was less fun than his previous performances. Will America still embrace a serious Poppycock? And If you take away his elaborate costumes and makeup, is he as good of a singer as Jackie Evancho?

Howie had nothing but love for Mississippi’s own Michael Grimm, who gets the award for Cutest Grandparents. Can someone just give him a record deal and call it a day? Sure, winning the competition will help, but methinks the show has given him enough exposure to go far in the music world. Ozzy Osbourne also has money on him to win, so does this mean the Prince of Darkness will make an appearance during the results show tonight? (We can only hope). We also got a nice group performance from previously eliminated contestants (Harmonica Pierre!), which could be a preview of what’s in store for the upcoming AGT live tour. Check out the rest of the final performances from Michael, Jackie Evancho, and Fighting Gravity below.

I’m hoping that the Virginia Tech boys win it all because they’ve been the most unusual act all season. But since America is voting, my money is on Poppycock or Little Jackie, simply because of the ferocity of their fans. Does anyone feel like Fighting Gravity isn’t getting the respect they deserve? Are any of these acts over-hyped? Does Jackie Evancho need to win AGT to become a star? Are you surprised by what Prince Poppycock looks like under all that makeup? Am I a bad person for thinking opera is just not all that interesting? Who are YOU voting for?

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