Sandra Gonzalez
September 15, 2010 AT 09:50 PM EDT

Image Credit: Sonja Flemmings/CBS (2); Enzo: Cliff Lipson/CBSIn just a few hours, a member of one of the most bewildering final three in Big Brother history will walk away $500,000 richer.

In case you have just emerged from 3-month-long coma, have a problem with your long-term memory, or simply clicked this post saying to yourself, “I wonder what a Big Brother 12 is” here’s a recap:

First we have Hayden, a cute, Muppet-like 24-year-old who won three HOHs, played a solid game, and enjoyed stroking his nipples in the diary room. Then there’s country boy Lane, who won one HOH, developed a crush on engaged Britney, and has recently fallen on some viewers’ bad side for being an idiot. And last, there’s Jersey boy Enzo. Oh, Meow Meow. He didn’t win a single HOH all season, managed to make it through the game without making any major enemies, and loved to pat himself on the back for forming the Brigade.

So here’s the quandary, PopWatchers: Who should win Big Brother 12? In our poll last week, we asked who you thought should go to the final two. Hayden/Lane took the most votes with 71 percent. Hayden/Enzo came in a distance second place in your hearts with 18 percent, and Lane/Enzo were dead last with 11 percent. I’m sensing strong Hayden loyalties (and I can’t blame you).

Vote below. And check out Dalton Ross’ interview with Zingbot, too.

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