Kate Ward
September 15, 2010 AT 08:27 PM EDT

  • Former mall cop Kevin James will topline an untitled comedy for Sony about a physics teacher who becomes a martial arts fighter to save the music program at his school. Surely, he plans on blinding his competition with science. [Variety]
  • Olivia Wilde is set to star alongside Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in The Change Up, which follows a married man (Bateman) who trades bodies with his lazy best friend (Reynolds). Who wants to find out how many licks it takes to get to Reynolds’ Jason Bateman center? [Deadline]
  • The Weinstein Co. has nabbed rights to Submarine, which centers on a teenage boy aiming to lose his virginity and keep his parents from divorcing. Let’s hope he doesn’t mix up these priorities. [Variety]
  • Media Rights Capital and M. Night Shyamalan announced in a press release that 2011’s Reincarnate — a supernatural thriller directed by Daniel Stamm (The Last Exorcism) — will be the second installment in The Night Chronicles trilogy.
  • Phoenix Pictures is set to produce Absolutely Anything, directed by Terry Jones. The film will star John Oliver, and will feature, among other things, aliens and a talking dog who I can only hope is shifty-eyed. [Deadline]
  • Malin Akerman is the latest to join Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in Wanderlust, a film about a couple who decides to escape New York. It’s a comedy, but I can’t figure out what’s funny about two hours of Holland Tunnel traffic. [Variety]

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