Nicole Sperling
September 15, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Paramount Pictures and Shawn Levy’s (Night at the Museum) 21 Laps are partnering to turn Spike TV’s hit television show Deadliest Warrior, which just concluded its second season, into a feature film. The plot line for the movie remains under wraps, but the television show pits history’s greatest warriors against one another to determine who is the most powerful. Through a combination of CG technology, real-life fighters, historians, and weapons experts, the producers of the show were able to determine which warriors throughout history would have been the deadliest. Spike TV just renewed the series for its third season.

Levy and 21 Laps production president Dan Levine will produce with Levy contemplating directing the movie. Levy is currently shooting Real Steal with Hugh Jackman. The project marks the first collaboration between Paramount Pictures and its sister company Spike TV.

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