Tanner Stransky
September 15, 2010 AT 09:48 PM EDT

The always lovely and amazing Swedish dancehall queen Robyn confirmed the rumor that she’ll appear on the upcoming season of The CW’s Gossip Girl via a Tweet yesterday with a photo of her on set, which you can see here at the left. She Tweeted: “I’m with Marcus on the set of Gossip girl, girrrrrrrrrrrl.” So, yah, the photo doesn’t reveal much besides her looking fierce (and slightly blurry), but I checked in with the folks over at The CW and they had this to tell me: Robyn is “a surprise guest at Blair’s birthday party and performs ‘Hang With Me,'” the amazing track that she did acoustic on Body Talk Pt. 1 and whipped up into a dancy version for Body Talk Pt. 2. Discussion around the EW offices produced the idea that Robyn — known for her edgy, techo-laced style — is an interesting choice for Blair’s birthday party. Wouldn’t Robyn be more of a Serena birthday-type entertainer? We think so. But, then again, maybe Serena planned this surprise. Anyway, regardless, genius that she’ll appear — she’s always stunning.

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