Emily Exton
September 17, 2010 AT 04:56 PM EDT

It’s official: I have an inappropriate crush on America’s Got Talent winner Michael Grimm. When we caught up with him yesterday, he spoke at length about wanting to build his grandparents a house, and his plans to give back to the Gulf Region after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill. In addition to being very generous — and an amazing performer — his smooth Southern drawl could make any girl weak in the knees. (He repeatedly called me “baby” and “sweetheart” during our conversation. I wonder if he could tell I was blushing over the phone?) During a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show (which airs today), Michael spoke fondly about Lucy, his girlfriend of three years (rats!), calling her his inspiration for Tuesday night’s final performance. He then showed Ellen, and everyone else, just what he may have spent some of that $1 million prize money on, when he proposed (!) to Lucy on camera. If you didn’t think he was a sweetheart before, I dare your heart not to swell after watching the clip below.

Is he the cutest America’s Got Talent winner ever? Is anyone having a better week than Michael Grimm?

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