Margaret Lyons
September 21, 2010 AT 04:32 PM EDT

Finally, a MMO game about Michael Jackson’s life and vision. It’s just what we’ve all been waiting for: “an immersive virtual space themed after iconic visuals drawn from Michael’s music, his life, and the global issues that concerned him.” World of Warcraft has never seemed so wonderful.

The newly licensed Planet Michael will launch in late 2011, so you have plenty of time to prepare yourself. According to the AP, “fans will be able to collect and trade virtual Jackson merchandise, and earn credits by performing challenges related to his music and dance moves. As in other virtual worlds, players can replenish their game accounts using real money.” You don’t say!

Planet Michael isn’t the only King of Pop videogame in the works. Michael Jackson: The Experience comes out for the Wii in November and for Kinect and Move in early 2011, and it’s a more standard, if challenging, dancing game (and singing, on Kinect and Move).

Can I imagine trying to learn some MJ dance moves with The Experience? Sure, I guess. But spending time in a Jackson world just to…have spent time in one? I don’t know, PopWatchers. Maybe my Planet just isn’t aligned. Is yours?

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