Margaret Lyons
September 22, 2010 AT 03:43 PM EDT

Image Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABCDetroit 1-8-7 premiered last night, and while I want to love a Michael Imperioli show, I couldn’t help but feel like we were in serious patchwork-quilt territory. The show is totally made up of other shows:

  • Homicide‘s dry-erase board I’m sure lots of police stations really do have white boards with unsolved crimes written in red and solved ones in black. But the board — and the ritualized erasing and rewriting — is so central to Homicide that seeing it anywhere else feels like an homage at best, and a ripoff at worst.
  • Southland‘s bleeped-out cursing I guess it gives Detroit a “gritty” feeling? But it’s also sort of silly.
  • Lt. Fancy from NYPD Blue I know, it’s just James McDaniel, and now he’s Sgt. Longford, but still. The show’s jumpy camera work and reliance on Meaningful Glances is also very reminiscent of the ’90s stalwart.
  • Michael Imperioli’s hair from Life on Mars I know, it’s shorter here, but it’s still…longish? In a McDreamy kind of way? And it’s too reminiscent of the gone-too-soon Mars.

What did you think, PopWatchers? Did Detroit 1-8-7 distinguish itself enough for you, or were you having deja blue? (Because it’s a cop show! Blue! Oh, I slay myself.)

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