Dalton Ross
September 22, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT


Nicaragua turned into crazy town this evening with accusations, admissions, apologies, and a heaping helping of flat out arrogance. In the end, after a heated Tribal Council, it cost one person their spot in the game, while several others found themselves on very shaky ground. My full recap will be up at midnight (UPDATE: Click to read Dalton’s full Survivor recap, now live), but if you can’t wait to sound off on all the fireworks, read on after the jump. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.]

After Shannon lit into Chase for betraying their alliance, and then accused Sash and all of New York City of being gay (???), the southern anti-gentleman was kicked to the curb. The entire Tribal Council was an emotional and somewhat bizarre display (especially for a tribe’s first ever trip there), and it appeared to be stressing poor Fabio out very much. And Fabio had other problems as well, being repeatedly called out by NaOnka for…well, I’m not quite sure what. (Apparently he “looked” at her. Or something.) By the time the discussion was over, contestants were actually begging Jeff Probst to just get to the voting  — another first.

But the youngins weren’t the only ones going crazy. Take Holly from Espada. PLEASE! The woman went from dumping out perfectly good food, to filling up Dan’s $1600 shoes with sand and sinking them, to then — in her most insane move of the evening — telling everyone about how she ruined Dan’s shoes. (At that point why not just retrieve the shoes and whack yourself on the head with them repeatedly?) My full recap will be up at midnight, but in the meantime, cast your vote on the message boards for the craziest person of the evening: Shannon, NaOnka, or Holly. And make sure to check out my video interview below with Shannon before the game, where he said what we would do if he were voted off first. (Liar!) And for more Survivor news and views, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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