Sandra Gonzalez
September 23, 2010 AT 10:47 PM EDT

Image Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty ImagesSome names just roll off the tongue, don’t they? Portia de Rossi had one of those, earning her a place just below Mariska Hargitay on my list of names I wish I had instead of my own. But the AP reports she’s now Portia DeGeneres after the court granted her petition to take wife Ellen DeGeneres’ last name. Hmm…that’s going to take some getting used to. Courteney Cox adding the Arquette to her name after marrying hubby David was strange enough; I just barely got used to that. Now this?

That said, congratulations to the DeGenereses. May your friends save copious amounts of time over their lifetime when addressing Christmas cards thanks to this melding of names. Also a plus? The name Portia de Rossi (which really wasn’t even her birth name to begin with; it was Amanda Lee Rogers) is now up for grabs. Dibs!

Update: Through her rep, the actress released the following statement to “I am thrilled to legally adopt my wife’s name. I will continue to use Portia de Rossi for professional purposes.”

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