Breia Brissey
September 24, 2010 AT 09:32 PM EDT

She can act. She can sing. What’s next? A line of handbags? Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin took to the stage last week at the Toronto Film Festival to debut a song from her indie flick Janie Jones. ”Not that I think I’m a great singer or anything, but I do like to sing,” Breslin told EW earlier this month. ”I’ve never really done it before — I’ve only really sung at my church Christmas party.” (Watch video of her performance here.)

Following her musical debut, Breslin told SPIN she had no intentions of pursuing an album at this time, but might someday. Oh, and she’s quite the jokester. When asked if she had Bieber fever she responded with this quip: “No, no. I just went to the doctor and they said I was very healthy.”

What do you think of Breslin’s voice? The 14-year-old is growing up fast. Should she further explore music or just stick to acting? Sound off below.

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