Michael Ausiello
September 24, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Check out my new Lost theory: While the rest of the castaways marched off to heaven in the finale, Ben and Locke turned around and made a beeline for J.J. Abrams’ office.

Oh, wait, that’s not a theory — it’s a fact! Sources confirm that Abrams is shopping around an hour-long comedic drama that would find his ex-Lost stars Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson playing black-ops agents. The premise was conceived, and the script will be written, by Abrams’ former Alias cohorts Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec.

”Three networks are interested,” says an insider, adding that O’Quinn and Emerson approached Abrams earlier this year about doing a series together.

At the Emmys last month, O’Quinn played coy when asked about a Ben-Locke show. ”I’ve got some plans, [and] I hope they include Michael Emerson,” he teased.

In addition to working on this show, which bears the tentative title Odd Jobs, Bad Robot Productions boss Abrams has a busy development season ahead of him. He also has an Alcatraz drama set up at Fox and a crime thriller penned by Jonah Nolan, brother and frequent collaborator of The Dark Knight and Inception auteur Christopher Nolan, at CBS.


Murphy Brown checks into House

Candice Bergen’s decision to join House for multiple episodes as mother to Lisa Edelstein’s Cuddy shocked even the show’s creator, David Shore! ”There were a few other names bandied about, and then [her] name came up, and we went, ‘Ooooh, yeah…eh, she won’t do it,”’ he recalls. ”And then we made the offer, and she seemed rather keen to do it.” Why wouldn’t she be? The role is tailor-made for Bergen, who hasn’t appeared on TV since Boston Legal signed off two years ago. ”She’s a tough woman,” Shore says of the character, who will show up in January for her daughter’s birthday. ”She tells it like it is — as she sees it.” In other words, she’s the female version of House himself — tricky since Doc Crankypants is dating Cuddy. ”House doesn’t get along with people who are easy to get along with,” explains Shore. ”They all have dinner together and Cuddy wants him to behave, and…well, you know House.”

Community cast gets animated

When Community‘s Alison Brie (Annie) says ”It’s going to be a very special Christmas episode,” she means it. The sophomore comedy is producing an episode in stop-motion animation like the old Rankin/Bass classics. ”When I found out,” Brie adds, ”I fell in love with the show all over again!” She wasn’t the only one. Exclaims Danny Pudi (Abed): ”The minute we read that script, I was over-the-moon excited. It’s like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…but in true Community fashion, it’s also a little subversive and dark.”

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