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September 24, 2010 AT 08:36 PM EDT

Tuesday’s episode of Glee features the music of one of pop’s biggest idols, performed by one of the show’s biggest idiots…I mean beloved characters, cheerleader Brittany. We’ve heard some of the Britney Spears songs that will be featured in “Britney/Brittany,” and now we get to see one of the infamous looks. Check out Glee‘s Brittany channeling the Britney from her “I’m a Slave for You” era:

Image Credit: Adam Rose/Fox

But that’s not all! In a sneak peek we see Brittany and Santana on a trip to the offices of John Stamos, D.D.S., where they demand to get hooked up with some anesthesia, ASAP (presumably to take the edge off a stressful day at Cheerios’ practice). The girls tune Dr. Uncle Jesse with the help of Ms. Spears’ “Me Against the Music” (featuring Madonna) and are transported to their own version of the music video (the magic of modern medicine!). Santana is Madonna to Brittany’s Britney, and they both do their best to look and sound the part. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves in the clip below:

We know Brittany can dance, but it’s about time she got her own vocal solos (there’s still hope for you yet, Mike Chang!), and I’m optimistic that the storyline for this episode is nothing short of fantastic. What about Santana as Madonna? Have you warmed up to her? She may not get lines as ridiculous as “dolphins are just gay sharks,” but she has gems of her own worth mentioning. (“Not a tooth doctor, a real one. He like went to college or something.”) Is this Britney-Madonna number a wink to Brittany and Santana’s more-than-friends relationship?

Are you now officially really, really excited for the new episode of Glee?

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