Tanner Stransky
September 24, 2010 AT 12:59 PM EDT

Mad Men star Jon Hamm lived up to his last name by trading funny barbs and quips with Craig Ferguson on last night’s edition of Late Late Show. Ferguson set the jovial tone from the outset during his introduction of Hamm: “My first guest tonight has got two films in theaters right now — two! two films! That means he’s a movie star!” Ferguson said. “Then what the hell is he doing here? I don’t know!”

Hamm came out, and it was almost as if he and Ferguson were old pals. The two yammered on about poetry (besides The Town, Hamm was there to promote his flick Howl, which is based on the Allen Ginsberg poem); how Hamm must be rolling in the dough from being a movie star (“When you make movies about poetry,” Hamm panned, “generally they backup wheelbarrows full of money for you.”); and why Ferguson thinks Hamm should wear Liberace-style pants on Mad Men (to which the game Hamm responded: “Glitter me up!”). Watch it all here:

See what I mean about these two getting along smashingly? Methinks they should work together more — or maybe Hamm should just appear on The Late Late Show as often as that minx Betty White does.

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