Archana Ram
September 24, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

I love the red swimsuit Maggie Q wore in the Nikita premiere. Where can I get it? — Melanie
For her role as the assassin on the new CW series, Q was game for stunt sequences and combat lessons — but not swimsuit scenes. ”It was that whole ‘sexy assassin with a bikini,”’ she recently told EW. ”So cheesy! I like to call myself sporty. All the girls in the background have these huge boobs, and I look like a bloody school-teacher next to these busty L.A. girls. I was like, ‘Can we just make it classy?”’ The Nikita star got her wish — kind of — with Palmela G’s Extreme Mono-Kini in cherry red ($120; 888-849-3550).

Can you track down Don Draper’s gym bag from a recent Mad Men episode? — Carmelo
To find an era-appropriate gym bag for Don Draper (Jon Hamm), prop master Ellen Freund went to one of her favorite resources, the online marketplace Don’s carryall was a vintage piece, but Lotuff & Clegg’s leather duffel travel bag in green shares its classic style ($575;

Who makes Taylor Swift’s white headband in her video for ”Mine”? — Victoria
Swift’s video tells a love story from schoolgirl crush to married with children. For her phase as smitten girlfriend, the singer accessorized with a headband by A fan of the L.A.-based brand, Swift has amassed her own personal collection of their headpieces. Though the one for ”Mine” was custom-made, the company offers many similar options, including the No. 10, right ($130;

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