Annie Barrett
September 25, 2010 AT 09:00 PM EDT

Amy Poehler hosts tonight’s 36th season premiere of Saturday Night Live, along with musical guest Katy Perry — or “Katy Hoo-hah” according to this week’s Amy ‘n’ Andy Samberg promos (and, presumably, a bunch of moms who think their kids shouldn’t have/get to look at her boobs on Sesame Street).

Amy will be joining Seth Meyers for “Weekend Update,” but what else do you want to see from Poehler tonight? Will we see a Parks and Recreation spoof — and more important, will Kenan Thompson play Donna? (Reader Ryan’s suggestion!) What’s your favorite Amy Poehler/SNL moment? Mine is inexplicably when she played a dollar bill with Mickey Mouse hands in 2005. That sketch was WTF-ridiculous, but I loved her in it.

Discuss tonight’s premiere here, then come back tomorrow for our SNL react! (UPDATE: Click over to read Archana Ram’s Saturday Night Live season premiere recap now.)

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