Keith Staskiewicz
September 27, 2010 AT 08:34 PM EDT

Image Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty ImagesIn the past, the ranks of comic book nerds and foodies didn’t tend to overlap, probably because Cheetos and a Big Gulp of Mountain Dew don’t quite go with haute cuisine. But now globe-trotting, pho-slurping, culinary badass Anthony Bourdain has announced that he’s working on a graphic novel for DC Comics. It’s called Get Gyro and Bourdain says it’s an “ultra-violent slaughter-fest” like “Fistful of Dollars meets Eat Drink Man Woman.” So it sounds like we’re pretty much guaranteed at least one death by chopstick.

Bourdain has plenty of experience writing, both nonfiction best-sellers like Kitchen Confidential and the new Medium Raw as well as fiction with his epicurean crime novels, but this will be his first foray into the world of comics. If Get Gyro turns out well enough, perhaps DC or archrival Marvel will ask him to contribute to some of their other titles. Fantastic Fork? Souperman? Maybe he’ll even team up with Alan Moore for Watchmenu or P for Pancetta. What say you, Shelf-Lifers? Excited for some tasty ultra-violence courtesy of Bourdain?

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