John Stamos on 'Glee': 'Kids can't sing without teeth, right?' |

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John Stamos on 'Glee': 'Kids can't sing without teeth, right?'

Have mercy, PopWatchers! John Stamos makes his Glee debut on tomorrow night’s Britney Spears-themed episode. Here’s what we know of Dr. Carl: He’s a dentist, particularly interested in educating young people about the importance of oral hygiene, who has begun dating Will’s one time flame Emma Pillsbury. Obviously Stamos can sing, so it’s only a matter of time before they give him his own song, right? (Or will it be a duet with Emma? Or Will?) Check out the sneak peek below.

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Are you excited for Jesse Katsopolis’ appearance on Glee? Between this a few a Entourage episodes, is John Stamos making a full-fledged comeback?

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