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Great moments in tiny hats: 'SNL,' 'In Living Color,' Tim and Eric, that kitten...


best-tiny-hatThis week’s SNL premiere featured a sketch about tiny-hat one-upsmanship. It was strange but decent. It was also a little reminiscent of a Tim and Eric sketch from 2007, which also prominently featured tiny hats. Although the first thing I thought of was In Living Color’s “Men on Film,” the second thing I thought of was, of course, an adorable cat video, because the inside of my brain has been turned to pop culture mush floating in a sea of tequila and bad DVR decisions. Oh no, I’ve said too much.

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Who has the greatest tiny hat, PopWatchers? Amy Poehler? Blaine Edwards? Scout Jr. the cat? Chip? Or someone I completely neglected?

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Originally posted September 27 2010 — 2:48 PM EDT

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