Margaret Lyons
September 28, 2010 AT 05:15 PM EDT

On the live finale of Australia’s Next Top Model, host Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong woman as the winner. Yikes. Somewhere, Ryan Seacrest just woke up in a cold sweat.

Murdoch initially announced Kelsey as the winner, but then a minute later said that she’d been fed the wrong name. “This is insane,” Murdoch sighed. To Kelsey’s insane credit, she seemed really gracious. “It’s an honest mistake,” she said. And she sounded like she meant it! Congratulations, Kelsey, on being an incredibly decent human being. (The show wound up giving her a trip to New York and $25,000. Everybody wins!)

Geeze louise, I wish something this interesting would happen on America’s Next Top Model.

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