Mandi Bierly
September 28, 2010 AT 03:19 PM EDT

Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Kelsey EdwardsAs we reported yesterday, Lost‘s Maggie Grace has joined The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as Denali coven vampire Irina, and newcomer Mackenzie Foy, a nine-year-old model/actress, is thisclose to signing on as Renesmee, Edward and Bella’s child. Grace is an interesting choice. She’s already a polarizing presence, thanks to her best-known role as the spoiled Shannon on Lost, so it’ll be easy to dislike her when she goes to the Volturi and tells them that Bella and Edward have created an “immortal child,” which is a no-no. But because it’s so easy to turn on her, it’s all the more effective when she softens and is apologetic, which will work well when she pays the ultimate price for giving the Volturi false information.

As for Foy, she really does look like the child Robert Pattinson joked Kristen Stewart was carrying when Oprah Winfrey asked them if they were an off-screen couple. Renesmee is a bit of disturbing character, and there’s something naturally unsettling about young models. I think it’s because we like to think of children as innocent and uncalculating, but watching them pose for a camera, turning off or turning on their emotions, you realize what manipulation they’re capable of. Watch her action in a fan video below. Yes, she already has fan videos dedicated to her on YouTube:

What do you think of the castings?

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